First Award

About a month ago, I got a WordPress award: Brotherhood of the World. I had only started blogging here so I did not really understand what that meant. Now I do, so here goes.

This is for you, Ameena.

1. What’s your favorite book?

A Bag of Marbles, by Joseph Joffo. It’s a story about two brothers (7 and 10 years old) in the Second World War, and it tells how they escape Occupied France into Unoccupied France. I like it because it shows how in the face of trouble you can find people who offer kindness for no reward.

2. Why do you blog?

Because I do not want to die without sharing my thoughts on certain issues, and my English was beginning to scare me. My secondary school English Teacher would have been angry at the gbagauns I was giving.

3. Define Love, according to you

I think it is the complete appreciation of another person, their flaws and graces, and knowing that no matter what happens you’ll never cut them off.

4. If you had to choose one: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, which would you choose and why?

Non-fiction. It’s real, it’s truthful, it’s mostly straightforward. Also, history mostly repeats itself, and people are caught making the same mistakes because they never learnt the lessons of the past.

5. Characteristic of your ideal woman

Ah, I don’t really have. But I like a woman I can listen to, who can talk about her dreams and ambition, and who can shut me up by how audacious they are. It does help if she also has a nice gluteus maximus.

6. Life is: a roller coaster, mountain climb, landslide, other…

A party. They are different crowds, different conversations, different drinks, people who come early, people who arrive late, people who go home sober, people you have to carry home.

7. Favorite Author

Ah, tough. Charles Dickens, maybe. His stories are very down to earth. Also, Mary Higgins Clark, her suspense is great.

8. What legacy would you like to leave?

That people learnt something new whenever they talked to me. It’s a simple legacy, but it’s personal to everyone. And they probably will never forget.

4 thoughts on “First Award

  1. I love your reason for blogging. It’s exactly the same reason why I blog too, “I do not want to die without sharing my thoughts”

    Lol @ gluteus maximus

    Simple but super meaningful legacy.

    Nicely written!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah wud rili love to be able to answer these questions maself. Yes, I’m laughing at you 😊. It’s a problem I have no interest in fixing. I like your answers too. Take care and read some of my posts too. I’d appreciate your perspective.


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